Kulture Tradicionale

  1. Payment Terms

1.1 Custom-Made Orders To initiate the processing of your custom-made order, you are required to make an initial payment equal to half of the product’s price. The remaining balance must be paid once your order is ready for shipment. Alternatively, you have the option to pay the full price upfront, and we will commence processing your order upon receiving the full payment. The choice is yours, depending on your preferences.

1.2 Ready-Made Orders For ready-made orders, the full payment for the order must be made upfront. We will initiate the shipping process once we have received your payment.

  1. Payment Methods We offer various payment methods to accommodate your convenience:

International Bank Transfer via Paysera (recommended for its lower fees).
Bank Cards: (a) Credit, (b) Debit.
Moneygram, WesternUnion, Ria.
You can make payments using both credit and debit cards from all banks, both Kosovan and international.

  1. Shipping Information

Kulture Tradicionale covers the shipping costs. Please note that this excludes customs’ fees and VAT.
We offer free worldwide shipping using DHL as our courier company.
Shipping for products is conducted on weekdays.
The estimated delivery time for our products is 2-4 business days to reach your delivery address, excluding any customs processing time.
Custom-made products, which are tailored to your specific needs and requests, may take up to 1 month to produce and deliver.
Express delivery services typically provide estimated delivery dates a few days later than the actual delivery date for emergencies. This means that your product will arrive earlier, so there’s no need for concern.
Customers have the option to provide a delivery address for Kulture Tradicionale agents or pick up the product at their local office.
Upon delivery, customers are required to sign for the package. In the event that no one is available to sign, the courier service will make multiple delivery attempts and attempt to contact the customer.
Thank you for choosing Kulture Tradicionale for your shopping needs!